The transparency portal of the Catalan Foundation Institute of Pharmacology responds to our will to provide and disseminate the information related to the services we give as well as its management. In this way we guarantee the transparency and the right to the free access to the public information, anticipated to the following normative precepts:

  • Law 19/2013 , December 9th, transparency, access to public information and good governance. «BOE» no.295, of 12/10/2013.
  • JUS/152/2018 ORDER, Setember 12th, by which establishes the level of subjection of the foundations and of the associations declared of public utility to the instruments of transparency established by the Law 21/2014, of December 29, of the protectorate of the foundations and verification of the Activity of associations declared to be of public utility.
  • 1/2017 Decree law, February 14th, y which the Register of interest groups of Catalonia is created and regulated.

The Catalan Institute of Pharmacology Foundation was declared Catalonia's Interest Group, with the number 2509, dated 04/04/2018 by the Directorate General of Law and Legal Affairs, Legal entities. Common code of conduct  

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