Pharmacovigilance center
La FICF founded the Spanish Pharmacovigilance System (SEFV) in 1983. Carried out the execution of the Pharmacovigilance Program in Catalonia.
Pharmacoepidemiology research
FICF focuses its research performance in pharmacoepidemiology, one of its main activities
Therapeutic consultation - Information
Since 1984, we serve therapeutic consultations, made by primary care health professionals in Catalonia.
Primary care
FICF work to provide guidance, advice and support to primary care in making treatment decisions.
Pharmacoepidemiology. Therapy. Healthy use of medicines. Prudent prescription. Deprescription. Pharmacovigilance.
eQRD forms
Development of accessible electronic data collection  to be accessed through Internet using last-generation environments
Clinical pharmacology Service
The Clinical Pharmacology Service aims to achieve optimal use of therapeutic resources.
International cooperation
FICF developed numerous activities in collaboration with agencies and institutions in other countries.
Annual report